On Saturday it hit me... its almost Christmas. With that looming in my mind I headed over to the fabric store to stock up on red & white felt and some red ticking fabric. I am trying my hand at making a couple"penny" rugs. Okokok... more like doilies. :-P So far they are coming out pretty darn cute. I deck out my dining area/den in the red and white colors for Christmas. This year I am fortunate in that my daughter wants a set of red/white for her house :-) Makes a mom happy/proud when her child wants what she crafts..... So, now I'm going all out. New set of stockings, pillows, table cloths.... felt cones...and whatever else catches my eye that I can make! I am not going to tell her exactly I'm making for her house. All she thinks I'm making her is a set of new Christmas stockings..... this way if I get overburdened with other things she won't be disappointed.... But on the other hand...I can razzle-dazzle her if I can get all this accomplished without her knowing about it and give her a fabulous surprise! Every year we usually set up for Christmas on Thanksgiving day. While the food is cooking the tree gets decorated....boxes upon boxes of Christmas treasures and bling gets opened and sorted through. It is a fun/tiring day..... and so it begins. The Christmas season~

I found this old wooden framed mirror at a yard sale for $2.00. The mirror has a few slight imperfections, but the frame is solid and all the wood is intact. It would loooooook so much cuter painted white :-P


LBP said...

I am glad to see someone else gets the Christmas spirit in the summer!! LOL!!I just found some Debbie Mumm craft books at a thrift shop and my fingers are itching to start crafting!

Myrna said...

You are so creative!

When I try to repurpose, the object very often looks more tired than it did before!

I envy you "trash to treasure" people who can see the hidden possibilities and make them happen!

breanna said...

I have been thinking about Christmas too. If I get started soon enough, I would love to have an all handmade Christmas. And I love the mirror. I bet it would look fabulous painted white!