I have been super busy doing a little fixing up of the inside of my house lately. We had some granite counters installed in our galley kitchen, along with some new slate flooring. Ohhhhhh the powdery mess that I have had to endure from all of the cutting of granite and tile. Not only that, but I have added to it.... *sigh* I have had to re plaster some walls... so now I also have a chalky mess from that too.  Ugh, it seems like I will be plastering, and painting for.ever.... then comes the fun part--- having to clean up the HUGE mess. eiy-eiy-eiy..... The upside, I am pretty sure it will get done in my lifetime. *sigh*

I was needing a little break from all of the "house stuff" and decided to spend an hour doing something quick and fun in my studio. So, I made some earrings. I really enjoy making earrings as they whip up fast and I get instant gratification of having completed something... at this point, completing anything while taking on the daunting task of painting is very uplifting!
 I bought a very old necklace just so I could pull it apart for those two diamond shaped beads below.... 
 I loved the blue of these beads....
 I bought a really long necklace of these multi colored glass beads below. They just spoke to me... I'm glad to have them to play with.
 I haven't finished the earrings just yet. Most of them are still needing to have the bead pins looped around then an ear hook attached. But it sure did feel good not to have to think about painting for awhile.
Drat... why did I mention painting. I better get back to it.
big hugs,


Repurposed Salvaged Door

A few months ago I purchased a very old, solid wood antique door. I thought it would be the absolute perfect door for my latest pirate building in my backyard... well I was wrong. Well in theory it would have worked-- but it ended up feeling to big and chunky... and with a screen door- the new door had to open into the building and that would have taken up valuable decorating space... so it was a "no go." I had seen on pinterest where someone had taken an old door and made it into a bar/counter... so that is exactly what I did with the door.

The bottom part of the door has been cut off so that the door now has four equal panels. It is attached to a raised platform to make it a counter top height.
The backside of this  newly constructed piece is open so that it can be used as a bar/counter. For now, I have it pushed up against a wall in the latest pirate store to showcase some fun pirate treasure.
While playing in the pirate store, I added a huge net to the ceiling. The netting was originally one of those golfing nets that you drive your balls into when your practicing. This is a good start to the ceiling, before the ceiling was to perfect--- which didn't fit in well with the cluttered look of the rest of the building. I'll go back and add some ivy and a hanging light and some other random odds and ends to pull it all together.

If you pan down from the ceiling and to the right of the front door you'll see where I left off. So much yet to do~ Who knows what will get put to use and what will get tossed out. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll find a place for it all!
Here are some of my backyard pirate companions, they take up a lot of my free time because I just can't resist giving them all cuddles... this is Chumley. Bear-bear is at the bottom right sitting off in the distance... Here is Pee Wee, he is sitting in the neighbors yard peeking into our yard. The little nutter~
Along with cuddling with the cats.... it is also fun to just PLAY. No agenda, no "getting it done"..... just having fun and playing in the yard. Just yesterday I added the large wooden box (to the right in the photo) with the rope and the black crow. It was f.u.n.
A few weeks ago, we constructed a weathered old looking box to cover our huge swinging umbrella stand. Now, it looks so much better and will not be an eye sore or a tripping hazard. The added bonus? look at all the fun space I now have to play~
I am really needing to play inside.... the inside of my house is now looking pretty ratty.... and not in a good pirate kinda ratty way either. *sigh*
 Today, I am linking with: My Salvaged Treasures - Vintage Inspiration Party
big hugs,


Cat In The Hat

 Last week at my grand kids school they were celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with a week long celebration of events. One of the days events the kids were to dress as their favorite character from one of Dr. Seuss' books. Well.... the Cat in the Hat was an obvious choice for me... and seeing how they are little they pretty much don't argue... yet....

For my five year old grand daughter Chloe, I made her a little miniature cat in the hat-- hat.

She is such a little pistol... I thought she would enjoy some cat ears too...
I added some white felt to one of her long sleeve black shirts using some wonder under iron on adhesive. The large red bow just pulled everything together. I also made her a long tail~
My grandson who is getting on in years (he is seven) wasn't wanting to much of a costume... so I made him a HUGE cat in the hat-- hat... and the large red bow to go along with the hat.

I am surprised they came together so quickly and that they turned out so darn cute... I surprise myself sometimes! I've kept the patterns and I think next year I'll make some more. One for me!
big hugs,


Recent Treasures

Here are some of my recent treasures that I've found and hauled home. I found a wooden 3/4 barrel for only $20.00. I have no idea what the previous owner used it for, but I see it has potential to be something fabulous. It has a hinged door at the bottom and a hole with threads in it too. I love the fact that it has two brackets attached to the side, this would make a perfect table to hold hand towels....Who knows what it will end up looking like!

 I also scored on two full size barrels too. The original price was $45 each. I got both of them for $45.... Buy one, get one free. Score.

Buddha was smiling down on me today... I got two.  This jolly golden guy with a nice smile...

and this solemn looking statue too. 
I also scored on some candle sticks and lanterns... my cat Chumley loves pirate stuff as much as I do.

 Here are some other random odds and ends. I adore the little wooden baby shoe form. At first glance I didn't think it was old-- until I flipped it over.
It was only $1.00, who could resist...

About a month ago, I bought an old chippy door that I thought would be a perfect door for my pirate store... I ended up not liking it for that-- so we are making it into a counter for the pirate store instead.
 I had every intention to leave it chippy.... but one thing lead to another and it was just so fun and easy to scrap off the paint.....
The upside is now I can paint it all one color and then distress it so it looks fabulous. So like the saying goes, "That is my story and I'm sticking to it."
big hugs,


Outdoor Buffet Table

My new outdoor buffet table is finally finished. Well, the structure is built, I still have to add some pirate items to it to completely finish it off. We started this project months ago and have worked on it here and there until it got completed. Whew. It was one of those projects I never thought would get done.
I wanted the new buffet table to be made out of old fence planks, which is no easy feet as most people haul them off to the dump.

I did find someone giving away old boards on Craigslist... We were at their house at 6:00 a.m. just in case anyone else had designs on my wood.
I wanted a cement top on my new buffet table... but I didn't want to do the work. Isn't that how it goes sometimes? Instead, I tried something new. I bought Backerboard and cut that to fit the buffet top. So far so good! I bought the cement boards that are indoor and outdoor. The backerboard seems to be weathering nicely so I'm not going to paint it until I absolutely have to. I am planning on adding old fish nets and other things to the buffet front at a later date. I was just so excited to have it completed I was in a hurry to share it!
The length of my new buffet table is 25 feet. I previously had a 10 foot buffet table and that was always crowded with food and there was no room for chachkies. We created this buffet table with several openings under it so I could display cool stuff underneath it.
 I still have these two areas to finish off with a lot of small interesting things... which I am still needing to find! Once the weather gets warmer I'll go back and add some really fabulous jewelry pieces inside each vignette just to give everything a little bit more excitement. These last two areas are both works in progress, who knows what they will end up looking like when I'm finished.
At this far end is where I will have a power strip for crock pots and anything else that needs power. You can see my hose poking out of the side of the buffet table. A necessary evil I am afraid. I have a piece of wood at the ready to cover up that area when the hose gets put away and it's party time.

I have a lot more wood planks left over... I feel some more projects coming on!
big hugs,


Cat Statue

I created a statue of a lounging cat using metal tape and one of my embossing plates. I've got plenty of inspiration for this exact pose from all of my own cats... You know the pose.... the "I'm sitting here, and you are not to move me" pose....
But, you want to sit in your chair, and you move the cat anyway.... and then you get the "your dead to me" pose...

Then you start talking all goofy like the cat understands you because you don't want your kitty mad at you.... which makes the cat laugh internally I'm sure....
Which brings you back to the cat's original pose... and the question the cat is asking you with it's hungry eyes, "When are you going to feed me?"
Which makes you get up out of your chair to feed the cat... which is probably what the cat intended when it first jumped up into your chair in the first place. Cat 1, human 0.
big hugs,


Pirate Building Sneak Peek

Here is the newest pirate building in my backyard. This is going to be set up like a general merchandise store when it is all finished. I am still needing to add window and door trim and I am also going to staple moss to the underside of the eaves of the building to give it an old decrepit look.
 The building itself is finished.....
There is a lot of little things that need to be done to the pirate building to really make it all pop.
I am going to install new screen in the old screen door, and then add some paint to distress it so it ties in better with the building. I also need to find a handle and some sort of closure to keep it securely closed. Right now I'm using a piece of cardboard wedged in between the door and the door jam.
 I added an over hang to the front of the building. This wasn't in the plans but I think it makes it look more like a "building" as apposed to a shed. I also want to have a skeleton-pirate sitting on the roof with a sword in his hand giving everyone either a laugh or a fright.....
 I painted the siding on the building to look like planks of wood. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. I think at a later date I would like to add real black bolts to the planks to give it another dimension. All the windows are duel paned windows, this one below is in need of some black paint... I must add that to my list.
 The inside of this building is a jumbled mess right now as the forecast tells of four days of upcoming rain. I did take an afternoon to just play out there.... it was so much fun.
 We created a small alcove of sorts at the very peak of the back of the store. I wanted a place to showcase some do-dads and chachkies. I must keep an eye out for more of the same... I'm running low~
 I have a total of five trunks in this 10 x 10 building. Three flat tops and two camel backs. Somehow I am going to incorporate them into the design of this space. Who knows what it will end up looking like.
 Once the rain has passed, I'm really needing to pull everything out and then get to decorating!
 Here is one of my little chimps drinking some pirate ale.... I think he needs a straw~
 As for me, I think I'll go have a cup of tea.
big hugs,