Vintage Lockers

For years I have been wanting to find old school lockers to have inside my house. I've come across some, but they were always to tall or the person selling them was wanting way.to.much. money for them. And what if I pay the money and drag it home and then hate it? That has been known to happen with things I've bought in the past. *wink*
Last week I went to our local swap meet--- on a Friday of all days-- and happened upon this beauty for only $20.00. (talked down from $25- because that's how I roll) Small, but not to small... it stands at 4" 6".
 Of course, when I spotted it-- it looked like this:
There was acrylic paint on some of the locker doors, and it was covered with years of grime. The interior of the lockers were dirty, but nothing a few buckets of sudsy hot water and elbow grease couldn't handle. With about an hours worth of sanding and scrubbing the entire piece was ready for a fresh coat of paint.
Just look at all the potential storage. *swoon* I'm going to thread some bolts through the holes in the sides of the locker walls and then add a piece of plywood to make a shelf in the middle of some of the lockers.

I found the map covered letters spelling "Love" at a yard sale for $1.00 each. I tacked them on the wall above my new lockers that I love.
I had bought the glass terrarium at a yard sale for $1.00. I had tried to keep a plant alive inside it. Yep, that didn't work out so well. But now, I have a beautiful container to hold some of my antique Christmas ornaments.
One of the many things I like to collect is old class photos. I have no idea why, I just think they are charming. This particular photo I made copies of and then cut one photo apart and applied it on top of the other so when your looking at it straight on it gives the illusion of real depth. Here you can see it in the photo below.
 I placed my antique dress form next to my new lockers. On the other side of my new lockers I want to make a 4' industrial looking hall table. I originally wanted a super long hall table, but with my new lockers and the front door needing to be opened against the wall-- I'm down to 4'. But I can do it!.... well, Pinterest and I can do it! (I guess I could also move my dress form somewhere else to make more room.... oh bother)
 I also picked up a new pirate chest. This one was only $18.00. Why the funny price? I talked the guy down of course--- he just wouldn't go down to $15... but he would do $18.
 This green trunk will eventually be painted differently, but for now I love it just the way it is.... I especially love how someone had repaired one of the corners. Hysterical!
Well I must get back to sewing on more doll clothing for my grandaughter's dolls. I may just make a few outfits for my own dolls!
big hugs,


Candy Cane Christmas Soldiers

This year I decided to create Candy Cane Christmas Soldiers for my two grandkids to take to school to share with their classmates.

I made piles of the components needed to mass produce the soldiers and then just cranked them out.

Sixty Candy Cane Soldiers-- done.
Last year I made Candy cane Reindeer... those were fun.
The year before that Candy cane Elves.... eek... so cute!
Now, I must address the piles and piles of presents I've bought and need to wrap. Blah. I love the buying part--- the wrapping part.... not. so. much.
big hugs,



I've been rather lucky finding treasure lately. I bought a bag full of black velvet necklace displays for $3.00....
Pinned to one of them was six silver pendants with a price tag of $10.00 each. Cool...

Of course, the usual pirate treasure is always on my radar... arrrrggggh~
I thought this block of wood with gun cut outs in it was a hoot... for a dollar it had to come home with me.
I love the metal basin in the back.... I think that was $1.00.
The silver candlesticks are marked "silver".... but who knows. For now they will reside in my backyard.
You can never have to many silver odds and ends and beads when your trying to stage a pirate yard.
I got all of this for only $6.00. The brass round container was a great find, it is really unusual. I've got my yard prepared for the most part for the upcoming winter. Now, I've turned my attention to creating some more doll clothing for my grandaughter's Disney Animator dolls... but the patterns I've made and the cryptic notes I made to myself all seem to be in a different language. I have come to the conclusion that I've just got to stop "winging" it-- and jot down clearer instructions to myself or else I'm going to have to rework the patterns every. single. time. Best get back to the jumbled notes and pieces of patterns I thought I could remember went with what... eiy-eiy-eiy...
big hugs,


Glittered Tulle

I've been trying to come up with some ideas on what to make with all of this glittered tulle I've recently acquired. The bulk of it is in a huge box in my garage.
This tulle has one finished edge, I think it was intended to be used as little skirts on plush teddy bears.... I took it knowing that I could find something to make with it. Hmmm I think this is how hoarding starts. *sigh* Anywho~ I cut off strips of about 24 inches and hand cut the finished edge off of the one side, wrapped the long piece of tulle around my fingers and created a pom-pom. I tied it together using some thin ribbon and then I hot glued an old vintage earring to the centers. I added a hair clip and some felt to the backside to create...
hair bows!
*Takes a bow*  Yes, yes... a little garish--- but they look so cute plopped on the head of a little kid. Yep, I've got some mad skills, mad skills....
I've got yards and yards... and yards of this beautiful tulle. I'm thinking of making some pom-pom garlands, that would be adorable. Must jot that idea down on my to do list!
big hugs,


Happy Halloween

Well here it is another Halloween.... we were to have a Halloween party yesterday but it rained all-day-long... so we are going to have it next weekend.

I'm glad the party is still going to take place as I've done a few improvements since the last time this group of people have been over, I love to see their reactions!
I am always changing things up-- I am always wanting to improve upon something~

I love it when people ask me... "Is this new?"
"Was this like-- this-- last year?"
 My grandson told me he wants to pass out drinks at the bar... (bottles of water with your choice of a flavored drink packet) So I added some small lantern lights to this area and put some things of interest on the bar top.
 I decided to put the boat I had previously had in the swimming pool in the yard...
 When I buy something and really have no idea where to put it, I just toss it in this general area...
 I also bought more commercial outdoor party lights. My husband and I measured the distance I was needing... for some reason I thought the measurement was 100 feet....
 Yep... that was to much.
 So much so that it ended up going down the backside of the house--- which is what we wanted/needed... and then there was enough that it went down the other side of the house too. A perfectly happy accident. Whew.
I also added some lights to the "Boutiki" (play) store. This little wooden filled store was just a black hole at night time, you couldn't see anything inside. I just got finished dusting this store, (squirted everything with water) it looks so much better now. We built three more counters for the game area.
 It is finally looking like it is all coming together nicely. I also have an electrical plug that I can reach now without a ladder. Hooray!
 The painted old wooden door is for an over the door electronic basketball game that the kids LOVE to play...
 After this upcoming party I'll start getting the yard ready for the winter season.
Most everything that can hold water will be turned upside down,
 gazebo covers and umbrellas will be put away...
 Cushions will be put in the garage....
 Everything that can be blown into the pool will be moved a safe distance from the edge of the pool.
The party lights will be able to stay up year round as they are commercial grade and made to stay up for years.
Lastly, a photo of my big dog, Akira. She is a big toy tossing, cat chasing, pretends not to know her name when you call her, pooping machine.

Correction... she thinks her name is, "Do you want some Chicken?"
big hugs,


Angel Wings

I was given a lot of feather wings recently and thought I had better make use of them.... (There was over 50!)

I pulled them out of the packaging and then gathered some other things to assemble the wings into little wall hanging "Angel wings."
I cut the long wire bits off and glued the wings together. To hang the wings I used some chipboard tags covered with vintage sheet music glued to the backside.
Then it was just a matter of gluing some ribbon on the backside for hanging, and a flower to the front side. Very "1980's" in my opinion-- but cute none the less.
I'll take these along with me to the street faire I'm selling at next month. I've got a lot of things to take to sell... it ends up looking a little bit like a "yard sale" at my booth since there is no rhyme or reason to the amount of different things I make!
I think I'll end up selling these for $1 or $2 bucks each. I like to keep things super cheap at my booth--- I don't make things to "sell" I make things to MAKE things and selling them is one way to keep from drowning in the things I make. *wink*
big hugs,