Wednesday Workshop

Every Wednesday evening from 6 to 9 I host a pirate prop workshop to get some help for creating items for our Fair fundraiser in October. I have lots and lots of little filler items that are time consuming to create and are the perfect items for people who don't craft a lot to help to make. Basically, all the stuff I don't want to do!
I was going to save these plastic skulls for the helpers to help out with. I dirtied up one... 

and while creating a sample skull-- got carried away and finished them all. 
I cut up some cardboard boxes and made some small knives...
I created some large swords too.... these I'll take to the clubhouse and have them do a fast paper mache job on each one.

I've taken some girl scout cookie boxes and turned them inside out to create some boxes of "beans." Because, you know.. pirates like their beans. *wink*

These stenciled boxes will serve as storage for props leading up to the event and then of course... to be used at the event. I stuffed the skulls I made into the bean boxes for storage for now...
I've been saving small cookie boxes and turned all of those inside out as well. These boxes were created last Wednesday evening when we got together. I brought them home and touched them up a bit... and added a little more detail to each one, glued the boxes back together and added the red eye socket which will get red glitter added to it this evening. I'm going to make a small sign that reads, "It is all fun and games until someone needs an eye patch" and place that somewhere close by. Actually... did you know that pirates wore an eye patch over a single eye so that one eye would be pre- adjusted to darkness while going down below into their ship or boarding another ship in the night? Smart pirates!
Well, I've got a rolling cart filled with projects for my helpers to help me with this evening. It is a lot of work to create a project and get all the supplies together for everyone to use, but it would be even MORE work to have to then create everything myself!
I hope I get a lot of people to come help out tonight!
big happy hugs,



This past week two of my good friends passed away. Nothing makes you cling to your faith more than when you lose someone you love. One of the gals was my friend Jennie, who is actually the one who kept calling me "Artsy Fartsy" over the years and with that ingrained in my head, it was a no-brainer to call my blog that very name.

Feeling kinda moody, I set out to create some Holy shrines... creating these really does soothe my soul~
I have several containers of things I've put aside to incorporate into Holy shrines when the mood strikes....
I also have a huge bin of vintage metal fluted pastry molds that I've always wanted to work into a shrine, I was happy to finally get to try using them.
I had to cut two fold lines in each tin and then bend up the bottom so that it would sit flush on top of the base of these silver plated salt and pepper shakers.
I poked through my drawer of rhinestone pieces and found a few crowns and a swirly piece to use as toppers on each shrine.
I filled each shrine base with aquarium gravel so each shrine wouldn't be top heavy. I sealed the gravel with a layer of hot glue so none would ever spill out.
I lurve how the vintage pastry molds added radiance to each shrine. I'm glad I have a lot of them to use in the future. 

It is good to have your faith to support you when things get tough.
big hugs,


Happy 2019!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and was able to ring in the new year in style~ One of my new years resolutions this year is to blog more. It is already the 11th of 2019 and I'm already slacking on that resolution... I always say "I'll do it tomorrow," and before you know it so many tomorrows have passed that it turns into months. In my defense time has sped up... don't tell me you haven't noticed that yourself. *wink*

I did create some candy cane creations for my two grandkids to pass out in December. This year I created nutcrackers, sixty in total.
I also created candy cane cheerleaders for my grandaughter to pass out to her fellow cheer friends.
The squad has dwindled down to only thirty from the previous year of having sixty cheerleaders.
I'm not complaining one bit...

My word for the year 2019 is "EXTRA." Possibly even "so extra" or even "super extra." I think it will be a day by day struggle to decide which one to go with. The struggle is real people. Last year, was a very basic year... this year, my wish is for it to be EXTRA!
big hugs,


An upcoming Pirate Event

Next year at our local fair I am going to be doing the decor in the super large building that houses our Gem and Mineral club. Being the Event Planner with the theme of "PIRATES".... it's going to be epic. At least that is my plan. *wink* So of course, with the event fast approaching (10 months away) I've started working on props already.... I was fortunate enough to get a LOT of things from our local dollar store after Halloween for .25¢ each. Yep, three shopping carts full. (I should have gotten even more!) It really does pay to ask for price reductions and plead your case/cause! I bought a lot of these Styrofoam skulls. I've never been a big fan of them, I'll let this photo below show you what I mean. 
 With most things, I can see the potential! Especially for .25¢ each.
 It was an easy makeover, I pulled off each skull cap, painted the skulls white and then distressed each with black and brown paint.
 I pulled apart some thick twine to use for the strands of hair, lightly tacking it on with hot glue. Then replaced the skull cap, added a little moss... and ta~da... pirate skulls!
 I've been having my husband bring home boxes that paper gets delivered in. I pulled the boxes apart and re-glued them back together inside out so that I could take advantage of the brown of the box itself and then I just distressed the edges with a quick spray of black paint and of course the all important "RUM" stenciled on the outside.
 These boxes serve two purposes...
1.) to store things inside of for the next 10 months
2.) to use as a prop during the event.

I had to spend a few days dragging all of the pirate stuff I'd bought into my garage to get ready for Christmas! I'm hoping to find a nice balance so I don't get overwhelmed. To late. *wink*
big hugs,


Local Fair

I entered a few wire wrapped pieces into our local fair this year. Ientered as a beginner. I got first place on everything I entered! Here is my case of twelve pieces that got a "first place ribbon."
 Here is a close up of the left side of the case.... and the right side...

I used vintage photo mats with burlap to showcase my pieces. I was told not to do anything "tricky" because the judges don't like any extra "fluff" taking away from the pieces. I was confident that it added to the case instead of distracting from the pieces... but was warned that it might lose me some points. Happily, it didn't.
I had wire wrapped this hanging nest with fresh water pearls as eggs and was at a loss as how to show it off. The cardboard photo frames were not cutting it. Luckily, I had an antique photo case that worked out perfectly. 

I also entered two solo pieces. One under the category of "wire weaving." I made the chain too...
This one in the category of wire wrapping. I made this chain too. I was told that the labels describing the pieces were going to be judged as well. I thought for sure that is what would get me marked down on for sure because I don't know the names of any of these rocks! So, what did I do? I simply put down "cabochon." It worked, whew.
I was happy to take first place in every category. I do play to win! It cost me $6.00 to enter and I won a total of $60.00...and the bragging rights-- which are everything~
I've already got a few outrageous ideas of some things I'm going to enter into next years competition. My goal is BEST IN SHOW.... oh yea baby... Best. In. Show.
big hugs,


Quilty Cats

Last year I had made a bunch of stuffed cats using an old quilt from the 1930's. Surprisingly, they all sold and I'm getting requests for more. Who knew? I recently went to an Estate sale where I found some fun-funky quilt toppers from the 1970's. I've got a large stack cut and ready for button eyes, embroidered mouths and then a pink felt nose and of course whiskers.
 Makes you want to say things like "Right on....
 "Jive turkey"...
I had a few quilty cats left over from last year that I hadn't finished... those will be completed and added to this years "litter" of adoptables. I even made some cats using vintage chenille bedspreads.
 I also had an all white, hand stitched quilt that was a "cutter quilt"... the all white kitties are my Christmas kitties and they will be sporting a Christmas bow.
 I think I've managed to get 60 Quilty cats finished....
 I've got three bins already loaded up and ready to go...
I  still have a stack of quilty cats to finish.... the thrill of making them is fading fast! I may end up with another stack to finish at a later date!
big hugs,



Last weekend, I was lucky to come across a large stash of cabochons.
It seems all the ones I've been finding lately are the colors of mud...
So, I was delighted to see so many different colors in this lot.
It isn't like I need any more cabochons... I've got a bazillion I have yet to wire wrap.
If I were to make these myself it would take me at least an hour to create each one...
The large pile of polished rocks cost me $2.00 and the cabs? Those were .50¢ each.
I couldn't/wouldn't pass them up at that price!
big hugs,