Baby Shower Diaper gift...

I went to a baby shower this past weekend. The mother-to-be requested baby diapers as a gift.... I thought I could pop onto Pinterest and find a quick cute idea to follow to do a diaper cake or something like that. Wrong. I couldn't find anything that I thought was cute.... so I came up with something on my own. A diaper bath! Now this is caute! 
I used a plastic laundry hamper as the base of the baby tub. I pulled curling ribbon between the hampers slats using a crochet hook and then wrapped the curling ribbon around each little diaper to hold it in place. Just for the base alone it took eighty diapers....
 I used Sesame Street diapers around the rim....
 For the top of the baby tub, I cut a cardboard circle to fit inside the hamper so I could stand some diapers inside the bathtub as well. I lost count after 40ish... I also cut a hole in the cardboard for the little baby dolls feet to fit through so it sat a little lower in the tub.
 Lastly, I added some iridescent gift shred to the top and a little rubber ducky to finish off the bathtub look. Ahhhhhh.....
I had bought a little light up/musical Seahorse to give the new baby too. These are my favorite little toys for babies. Instead of decorating the gift bag-- I used double sided tape and taped the baby themed stickers to the bag itself. This way the new Momma can use them however she wants.
I also made gift tags to put on the gifts. I pulled out my paint and made what I hope looked like bubbles... Once the paint had dried, I went to Avery.com and used the free templates they provide and printed onto the painted cardstock the sentiment...
 I cut and glued the painted/printed card stock onto some blue card stock and added some curling ribbon to finish them up. Easy peasy.
I am happy to report the new mom-to-be liked the gifts I gifted her with....
It has been a fun-filled day~
big hugs,


New Jewelry Displays

I created two new spinning jewelry displays today. The majority of these pieces have been in my pirate backyard for a few years... the vintage wheel, the two wooden spools and the metal light cap were all in my yard.
I covered the two spools with some burlap that I simply stitched in place.

These spinning necklace displays were easy to make. I bought two four dollar ball-bearing-spinny-things from the hardware store and screwed each one to a circle of plywood. I drilled a hole in the center of the plywood circles and fed a threaded rod through the wood with a nut on the underside to keep it in place.

 Then it was just a matter of feeding the wooden spool onto the threaded rod....

Next, I put the vintage wheel onto the rod...
 Then added another screw and tightened that to keep everything together.

I kept the threaded rod long on purpose to help hold the finial on each piece. This finial is my favorite....
This one, not so much, but it does the job for now. I want to replace it once I find a better looking finial.
Here are my two new spinning display pieces.
 I had made a bunch of lucky penny necklaces recently so I added them to one of the spinny displays. *Technical term*

I like to tie a ribbon around each spool to keep the necklaces from getting unruly while being transported.
 I recently bought a little spool for .25¢ I'm sure sooner or later it will peek my interest and be transformed into a smaller version of the larger spinny displays.
But for now, it will sit in my studio to gently remind me not to forget about it!
big hugs,


Bowling Pirates

I was wanting to create a little bowling game for my Pirate backyard... and boom... I found a wooden bowling set with a matching ball for a buck at a yard sale. Mind blown. Of course building the alley for the pins cost a little bit more. I think in total this cost me about $25 bucks with some wood left over for another project. *wink*
Aren't the little bowling pins adorable?
 I stenciled circles onto the bowling alley with gold paint so it will make it easy to put the pins back where they belong after each strike. When I have some free time I'm going to add some moss and fabric and other do dads and chachkies to make the bowling game a little cuter.
I was also wanting to create a skeet ball game... and you guessed it. "Boom"... found it at a yard sale.
 Yes, yes... yes... a bit mangled and broken up... but the potential is there! I see it...
big hugs,


Estate Sales

While poking around on Craigslist I spotted this gem... Cubbies! *swoon* It was being sold at an Estate sale the following morning. The sale started at 9:00, I was the first in line at 7:00. I had prepared myself to pay probably about $65 bucks....

The price? GASP....blah. Nuts!....
Oh, I bought it...

I completely had myself talked into it. You know, all the money I've saved on everything else I've ever purchased... ha. Sometimes you just have to pay it out- to bring it on home! I had questioned the guys at the estate sale as to why the price was so darn high-- they said because it came with "stuff in the drawers." Dummies. I suggested I unload the "treasures" into a box for them so I could get the cubbies cheaper. Yep, that didn't work out. Here is some of the "treasure" in the drawers.... skunked again.
 OH but look at the drawers... L.O.V.E.

I did spy these vintage stencils, those I'll keep.
 Oh, and some pipe cutters and some copper pipe. I've wanted to try my hand at making some copper bezels but needed a pipe cutter and some copper pipe. No excuses now!
 This little do-hickey. I've seen this before, I can't remember what it is--- but I figure I can make it into some kinda steampunk something-or-other one of these days.
 It took me five buckets of hot sudsy water to get the grime off of this piece. When I poured out each bucket it was like melted chocolate. It was unbelievable. I bet you the previous owner who had it tucked in his garage for years never thought it would fetch such a hefty price and be placed inside a house and be "loved."
 The cubbies are made by the "Equipto" company and after doing a Google search on how much they sell for, I am happy to report I paid a GOOD price for this piece. Who knew. I found one on Ebay for $215 plus $120 for shipping and it only has 18 drawers and isn't all "chippy" and caute...
Now comes the fun part of filling up all those drawers!!
big hugs,



I love this time of year for treasure hunting. Everyone is happy because winter is over... and they can start hawking their "stuff" once again..... good times, good times. I am always on the look out for more paint, glitter, glue, Mod Podge and any gems I can stick out in my pirate backyard. All of this combined was under $10.00. The two necklaces on the far right are stamped sterling silver, they were both .50¢ each.

The Singer sewing caddy was only $5.00 and came with a lot of thread, pins, several tape measures, buttons and bags of rhinestones.
A $2.00 shoe box filled with more thread, buttons and sewing machine bobbins was a happy find. (we all know how much thread costs these days)
I found another Disney Animator doll. Belle was a $2.00 scored treasure.
I also scored on an American Girl doll. She was only $2.00 as well. Her little sweater-shirt is wet from me sponging off a little dirt. I also bought some bronzed baby shoes. At only .75¢ it was a no-brainer on buying them.   
I also got a few pirate treasures.... A fabulous tin box, a pewter mug, a silver tray, an awesome lantern, pirate booty and seashells. I got all of this pictured below for only $8.00.

This weekend they are predicting rain again. Pooh. Makes it hard to hunt for treasures in the rain!
big hugs,


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I tried my hand at making a green shamrock for Saint Patrick's day. 
I thought it was pretty cute... so I added a pin back to it and covered the bulk of the pin with some green felt.
It was super easy to make. Here is the pattern if your wanting to make one yourself: Using a magic circle as your base...
chain 3, 1 triple crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 triple crochet, chain 3 and slip stitch into the magic circle. Repeat two more times to make a three leaf shamrock. Once you have three shamrock petals, your needing a stem. Chain 6 and make a half double crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook and then slip stitch back up the chain and slip stitch into the center of the shamrock and pull the magic circle super tight to close up all the crocheting, then simply cut and tie off the end of the yarn.
It only took me three minutes to make this little shamrock....so... I ended up making 72 Shamrock pins! Sixty for my grandkids classmates and the remaining 12 for me to pass out to my friends.
The shamrock is a three-leaved (or three-leafed) clover; the plant was used by Saint Patrick to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. It has subsequently become a national symbol of Ireland. The word comes from Seamróg, the Irish name for the plant.

I'm planning on spending the next few days working out in my yard, it seems like it has been forever since I've been out there doing anything of substance. It's going to get ugly before it gets pretty... that's for sure!
big hugs,


Lucky Pennies

I managed to pull myself away from my yarn stash and actually go outside and play since it is now getting to be a decent temperature outside! I used metal letter stamps to create Lucky Penny necklaces.
I haven't done any metal stamping in ages--- but, I think they turned out pretty good considering. In the past, I've drilled holes into metal-- but I thought I'd try my hand at one of those jewelers hole punches they sell at the craft store. I purchased a Bead Buddy hole puncher, it worked beautifully once I got it figured out.

 I also made some paper shamrocks that hold a Hershey kiss in each shamrock petal. Caute! The paper shamrock is made with two long strips of paper... pretty cool huh.

 I made little St. Patrick's day cards too. I honestly don't know what I'm doing when it comes to making cards..... but what the who-haw.... they will end up in the trash, so no worries!
I tucked a four leaf clover tag into each card. Yep, I made those too. Don't they look super old?

I remember when I was in kindergarten and whomever found a four leaf clover got to wear a paper construction crown made by the teacher with the four leaf clover taped front and center on it..... ah good times, good times. 
Have you ever seen these sour cream inspired containers for holding small gifts?
They are super easy to make. I used cardstock scrapbooking paper cut at 4"x6" and hot glued each piece to create a tube, then I hot glued one end of the tube closed and tucked a small gift inside....
Then I pinched the other end of the tube closed making sure it was pinched vertically to the horizontal pinched other end and hot glued that end closed... and ta da.... instant cute container!
Uh oh....I spy with my eye... some green yarn.....
big hugs,