Here are the latest and greatest treasures I've found. I found another ship in a bottle...I've now got a collection of three. All of this below was only $5.00.
 After coming home from a trip to Six Flags Amusement park, I found two pots of doubloons waiting for me at my front door. Aren't friends the best?
 I had a good laugh at the guy who was selling all of this skull stuff. He told me it was in his "man cave." O....k..... not a pirate man cave mind you, just as "manly decor.".....O.....k...... He was asking $10.00 for the lot. I offered him $3.00~ 
 I also scored on a bazillion fat quarters from Wal Mart. One hundred and thirty seven to be exact. At .25¢ each, I just couldn't pass them up!
I also came across a yard sale with an old-old man selling all kinds of brand new craft items. He told me he bought a storage locker full of boxes of new craft stuff.... man, some people have all the luck. Anywho, I got all of this for $10.00. I've wanted to play around with that hot melt Mod Podge stuff for a few years now, those bags alone are around $9 bucks each at the craft stores. *score*
One of my sweet friends who sells out at the swap meet sold me all of these seed beads for only $5.00. Purdy huh? The beads will come in handy when my wire wrapping classes begin again.
 Of course, no treasure hunt would be complete without some jewelry. I got all of this pictured below for $3.00.
The weather had been pretty fabulous lately, causing me to spend a lot of time outdoors... but now that the heat is upon us, I'll be spending a lot more of my time indoors with the air conditioner on! Oh well, I can actually make something with this fabulous stuff I've found! The struggle is real!
big hugs,