Daisy loom blow-out

(if you googled "daisy loom blanket and thats how you found me.... if you want any of my instructions on how to use the daisy loom, just e-mail and ask me. I'd be happy to share my vintage pattern book instructions with anyone who wants them)

I blew out my daisy loom today. I was releasing a daisy I had just finished making and the entire thing fell apart. It was tragic. Fortunately I found all the pieces and glued the thing back together and reinforced it to continue making the 65 daisies that were needed to complete the latest crocheted blanket I'm making. So, with all those daisies finally finished I am delighted with myself :-) I've just got 27 more to sew on then its a done deal. I've called my mom and told her that I'll bring it out to her in two weeks thats the soonest I can make it out to her place~

Below is a picture of my new grandson Jonathan trying out his new vintage baby bassinet. I picked up this gem for only $5.00 at a yard sale. It was in the original paint color of beige, and it came with a mattress and a bumper pad along with a floor length skirt. Unfortunately it was a little to modern looking so I opted to redo the bumper and then I adhered some fabric to the sides of the bassinet. That along with spraying it white, I think it turned out beautifully~ I've even managed to create matching sheets (not shown in photo) life is sweet~

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