My beloved '66 Mustang is in the shop... yet again. I've spent $1,500 so far on the little devil and the problem still isn't fixed. Now, they are talking a blown head-gasket. Is it wrong to pray for your car to be fixed cheaply???


Well, I've been crocheting a lot lately.
I've made 3 of the crocheted cupcake pincushions. They were fun.... now I'm thinking..."What do do with them?" lol

I did break out my sewing machine and made up this little kitty~ I like how its kinda floppy. I'm thinking of making up a lot of them and giving them out at Easter next year. I used flannel fabric so they are cuddly~

I have 4 real cats...3 indoor. I wish they would just hang out like this one and stop using the litter box so much! lol

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