W.I.P. Wednesday

I've been feverishly working on serveral projects at once. Ok, thats a fib, I'm not "feverish"...its just getting hot here in California! I am lucky enough to have access to a large cache of die-cuts :-) I'm talking hundreds.... Yesterday I spent over an hour cutting shapes. I took along some old books that have beautifully aged pages...that along with some cardstock and I was in die-cut heaven~ I cut out some letters to create the words...Comfort, Merry Christmas and Artsy Fartsy. I've glittered the bunch and now I've just got to string them up for some added room bling! Thats my first WIP....
A while back while browsing blogs, I came across a photo of one of those small take-a-long shopping carts that someone had made bag insert for to hold odds and ends that normally slip out. Well...needless to say, I HAD to have a bag for my cart as well. :-) I bought a vintage lightweight bedspread at a local thrift store, along with some textured white fabric (total $7 bucks) I think the color combination and texture of both fabrics are perfect together! I am putting two pockets inside and I am going to whip up a small plastic bag holder to match. (Sometimes at block sales and swap meets the vendors don't have any bags left... so I thought having a small bag full of plastic bags would be a fabulous idea!) Thats WIP number twooooooo~ Here is the pocket.... don't you just love the lime green fabric? Soooooooo cute~Numero three WIP..... Christmas stockings~ I've got the stockings
traced, the embroidery finished...now its just a matter of adding lace/buttons and then sewing it all together!

WIP number four.... Felt. Red & white felt. I love it! Nothing screams Christmas like the colors red and white (to me anyhoooo) I have finished one of the penny-rug doilies (one more to go...for me ;-P) and I made a red/white felt frame piece (made with a blanket stitched edge) to go atop a book for my daughter for her yearly Christmas family portrait and Christmas memories....
Okokok....one more WIP.... the Partea tea swap.... I've gotten everything, now its just a matter of wrapping it all...... and shipping it off!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

OH!! I love all of your WIPs... I'm so glad to have found your blog--I wanted to stop over and let you know I'm so sorry but the sign up is closed for my fairy jar swap-packages are shipping tomorrow! I will definitely be hosting another swap on my blog but wonder if you'd consider doing a one-on-one swap sometime?? xo-Melfie