Ahhhhhh I love Saturdays. Thats my "special" day to hit the boutiques (a.k.a. thrift stores) I left the house at 6:15ish and hit some yard sales & one block sale. The first boutique opens at 8, so I always have time to gas up and then look for treasures on peoples lawns. lol I filled up my car so much so that I had to have stuff in the back seat hanging over the front seat. That is a sure sign I've had FUN :-)

hmmmmmmmm what did I buy?....ummmm several yards of vintage fabric. (rarity that I find any~) A bag full of chains...in the length of necklaces and some in the size for keychains... $2 dollars for the bag yippeeeeeee~ Two hard plastic file folders that I'm going to load with ephemera..... ummmm some paper boxes I'm going to cover.... ummmm...... a bunch of old tins, a lovely little sewing basket (40 cents) some embroidered linens. Tons more but its all put away and I've forgotten most of it already lol

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GeorgiaPeachez said...

Lucky girl! What a good haul! And pretty vintage fabric too! I'm jealous!!
xo, suzy