Crown & Tiara Swap~

The crown I made as part of the Crown & Tiara swap hosted by http://hollydoodledesigns.com/WordPress/ is finished. I created a crown that is adjustable and it folds flat for easy shipping/storage... kinda neat. You know as well as I do that sometimes us queens get fat heads, well I took that into consideration lol. It is made out of paper as my swap partner said she was making mine out of paper as well~ You can see more pictures over at my Flickr account. Just click on the flickr photos at the lower right of this blog~ :-)
I cut up a large cardboard box and made a custom box to hold the crown along with a sceptre and small matching photo album I made. I think it turned out kinda cute~
Hmmm now I had better get busy on my other swaps! (I'm in a total of4 others lol)


Jean Knee said...

So pretty.

Lucy said...

You have lots of neat projects going on/completed--can't wait to check out more :)