Still bored~

I think the heat is zapping all my energy. Or at least thats the excuse I'm going to be using for the next few months lol. I did manage to get one of my drip systems put together and a'dripping. Trouble is... I think the spicket is dripping more than the whole drip system combined~

Worked on some baby fairies today. I just love that family photo of baby Margaret. She is my muse. I have her dressed in different colored dresses and each one is adored with a beautiful set of wings...and each is sitting on a flower in a tiny jar. I've made 4 so far. I've got 24 total of the small jars that I'm going to use as "fairy jars." When I make something, I like to make multiplys. I was wanting some tags....I made a whole box full, just the tags.. both sides covered, just awaiting some kinda something on it. One of these days~


B said...

See, now, when you're bored you get creative. Me? When I'm bored I just sit around thinking about all the things I should be up doing, but I'm bored so I don't want to do any of them!
By the way, can't you tell by the "pictures" on my blog that '50-something'? LOL
:-) Brenda

Kelli said...

The heat tends to zap all my energy too. Your baby fairies sound adorable!