Tiara & crown swap

Well, I'm a happy girlie~ I signed up for a tiara/crown swap at the site..... of Holly Doodle Designs NOW...I have an excuse to go ShOpPiNg~ (not like I've ever in my LIFE needed an excuse to go shopping lol.....)

Yesterday I went to a boutique (thrift store) and purchased several books from the year 1927 :-) Two are year books and one is an old vintage parts catalog for watch parts. Fun stuff. I also got some other books as well...all for .80 cents each. Ohhhhhhhhhhh and my bestest find? A old vintage silver key (still in its box) with the number "21" on it along with an old silver foil "happy birthday" paper embellishment. My daughter will be celebrating her 21rst birthday in July. Happy~happy~joy~joy.... I've found my inspiration piece to build around for a little "something-something" for my sweetie-pie!

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