Busy, busy, busy~

Have you ever been so busy doing stuff that you seem to get nothing done? My little studio seemed to be "crowding" me...so I have been trying to clean it out! Ok, really just trying to find a place to put things. The piles on the floor just aren't cutting it anymore. I purchased a new (old) bookcase that fits perfectly under my large window, it is a fabulous size to house bins of things & books...all of which I hope to get my mitts on sOoN! I've sorted through books, fabrics and whatever else was "bulky" and now I can see the floor.... darn... now I see I'm needing to vaccum! I've got a really long work table in my studio that I am finally going to put a skirt around so if I do need to place things on the floor they can be out of sight. Eh gawds.... another project~

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B said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the collars for the cats. I will head to WalMart today and pick some up for the remaining 4 cats. I don't think my heart could bear to lose another one. I've barely been letting them out of my site since Baby's been gone, and I make them come inside before dark and don't let them back outside until morning. I'm so paranoid. Still trying to hold out hope for Baby, but today is day 6 and the prospects are getting dimmer. Continue to pray. Thanks, Brenda