Sometimes I feel if I don't blog about what I've been working on or what I've accomplished...I feel like I've been idle~ Far from the truth lol. The first picture are some baskets that I painted white and I've lined with some Waverly fabric for my daughters house, along with a note/photo board that I repainted and added the same fabric. (I love "matchy-matchy!")
Ok, I thought I would toss in a photo of the words "Artsy-Fartsy" I thought this turned out cute. Vintage papers (with a tan cardstock shadow) outlined with glitter~One of my works in progress. This is a black & white transparency that I've attached with brads onto a canvas of papers. Assemblage... got to love it. This is not even near being finished, this is just the first layer. I find I have to do these in stages or they end up looking even stranger than they are suppossed to!
Lastly, my grandson, he keeps me very busy! Here he is riding on the pony I got for him. He likes to push himself off of this little pony...right off the backside. I guess all pirates can do trick riding these days huh.


Don & Angelina said...

love it all! i want the baskets and memo board. great work! Angelina I love the baby too!

Tiffany said...


I just found your fun blog and I'll be adding it to my favorites so I can come back soon!

Can I ask a quick question? How did you attach your sweet "artsy fartsy" letters to the ribbon? I would love to so something fun like this for my little girl's room but I can't figure out how best to attach them to the ribbons!

Thanks for your help!