Dollar days~

I had a fun day shopping at our local thrift stores this morning. It was super hot but that didn't stop me. Here are some photos of some of the things I purchased. I bought the two round flowered centerpieces for a dollar each.
Do you see the large spool of blackness??? Well that is FOUR HUNDRED yards of 1 inch black gro-grain ribbon....which cost me a whopping dollar~ *grins* The wooden shelf was a dollar. I am going to put a beadboard back on it and use it to hold small stuff in my studio. The large bulletin board was 3 dollars. I am just needing to add some fabric to finish it off. Here are two matching vintage wall thingies. These were both a dollar each. I was thinking I would make some "jar faires" and hang the jars from those metal circles on the plaques.

The paper cutter I bought for 6 buckeroos.... the two tassles, clipboard and two hanging his/her hooks were a dollar for the lot. (bought a few weekends ago :-) Finally my "day book" from the 1900's. This I bought (I think) last weekend and I'm finally posting a photo of it. I got this gem for 2 bucks.

The only bad thing is... it is all written in pencil and the pages are so yellowed that the writing is faint. Still visable but faint. Ohhhhhhh and I got 6 brand new rub-off transfers for 4 bucks....fun stuff.

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B said...

I wanna go thriftin' with you! You scored big time, girl. I'm in love those wall plaques, and think your fairies would be perfect for them. And 400 yds. of ribbon for only a buck - you stole that. Awesome stuff!
:D Brenda