Local Fair~

So I did it. I entered some things in this years Fair. *Gasp* What did I doooooooooooo??? I've only got a week to finish!!! I ordered a book of the catagories a few weeks back, (I just now got to looking through it) and as I was flipping through the pages...I was saying... I could do that one, and that one and that one.... well I signed up to enter 5 things. Which I think is do-able since I have until next Friday to have the items completed and dropped off lol. I entered a crocheted baby afghan (almost finished), a set of 6 Christmas ornaments, a fabric covered box, a padded fabric covered photo album and a piece of jewelry. (I haven't even started any of those!) I have no idea why I work better when there is a deadline looming over my head, but thats how I like it. WeIrD~

If anyone is reading this... you should consider entering things in your own local fair. It is easy-peasy. The entry fee for me was only one dollar per item. The winning dollar amount is seven dollars for first prize.... and yes, I do have a shirt that reads: "If I can't win, I don't want to play" Its not about the money, its about that blue ribbon...lol I want some of those. I know, I know....so 3rd grade!

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B said...

So when do we get a gander at all the goodies you're making for the fair? Have you finished yet? I dying to get a peek!
Daughter is doing really well wit her driving and has gone thru the fast-food drive thru 2 times already. The first time was with hubby in the "shotgun" seat, and he made her turn too soon and she ran over the curb. Tonight I was riding shotgun, and she did it perfectly, in and out! And she's thought she was 25 yrs. old since she was 4! How true it is that they grow up way too fast and way before we're ready to let them go!
:D Brenda