Today I spent most of the day sitting at my sewing machine. I have had my sewing machine for about 15 years. Today was the first time I ever oiled it :-P Now it doesn't make that funny bang-bang-bang-bang noise when I sew, or do strange things to the threads tension. Hmmm I think I'm onto something....oiling my machine :-P Soooo what did I make? First off, I made a mattress for a wicker dog bed for my daughter's new dog Coco. Then I made a cover for the mattress and of course I had to sew a matching blankie as well. I think it turned out kinda cute~


Malady said...

That is so cute! I love the colors! I am asking Santa for a sewing machine this year. I'd love to try to make things like homemade aprons!!!



*Heidi* said...

That's a cute doggie bed! It's fun to see what you're making now, with all your supplies!!