This lil' cherub of mine~

I bought this cherub for .10 cents awhile back and thought I'd glam it up a bit. I added some feathers to its golden wings, a fresh water pearl bracelet with amethyst stones became its necklace. The cherub had a raised look of fabric laying across its body, sooooooo I added gauze to that section letting it trail about. I then added a party hat with some 1900 sheet music, some vintage pipe cleaner (adore that color) and one loan clip on earring that became the bling of the hat. The old key is one I've had in my jewelry box for years & years. I think it turned out kinda cute~
The cherub is pinned to the center of my bulletin board. I think I am going to use this as a backdrop to take photos of things I make. First I think I'm going to have to redo that fabric choice! It worked/looked cute when it was just a bulletin board, but I think its to busy for a backdrop.

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