Vintage Heart Swap~

I managed to get my things wrapped and sent off (today) to my swap partner Angela in Dolly's Vintage Heart Swap.
I made then embroidered an apron....
I made this pink heart shaped container. It folds completely in on itself to form one heart....
Here is a little cupid thats been caught and stuffed into a jar~Bunch of odds & ends.....


  1. Oh, I love all your Valentine art work. Lovely!!

  2. What a great idea for wrapping the swap -- I just put mine in a box (decorated) with valentine tissue and packed it up. It was a fun swap -- can't wait til I receive mine!

  3. That heart fold-up container is really neat.

    I had to come to your site because of it's name! At one time I was imagining names for a craft shop if I ever had one. I had my grown kids helping me and my son came up with "Goofy Grandma's Artsy Fartsy Handmade Hippie Crafts". It turned out to be quite a mouthful but I've never forgotten it and here you are with part of it. Maybe you are more gutsy than I am!

  4. Gorgeous & colorful Valentine goodies! And your blog is fun! I need to come back & really STAY awhile when I get a chance!

  5. What a fun swap! Whomever gets this is going to be delighted!

  6. love that fold up valentine you made! thats cool! I havent been able to get to your blog the link on my site wasnt working.. now all of a sudden it is! I love the cut out lords prayer! thats really awesome!
    have a great night!


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