Show & Tell Friday~

This week for show & tell I'm showing off something I purchased at a second hand store for $3 buckeroooooooooooooos~ *insert smile here* This is why I call second hand stores "boutiques" because you get such unusual/beautiful things there! Well, I do anyway!

This beautiful work of art is a handmade cut-out of the Hail Mary prayer. At first glance from across the store I was drawn to it because it looked "lacey" and I loved the old frame it was in as well. When I spotted it the old frame it was glued to was HUGE and gold.... soooo I cut the frame (mitered the corners) and made it smaller so the piece fit inside it better. The piece was also not painted.... you see, this piece of art is actually cut out of WOOD. Yes, tis true! It is made out of 3/16th inch wood. So I sprayed it white (my friend said once that if anyone sits to long at my house, they get sprayed white lol...)
Here is a close up of the beautiful cut work....remember this is super thin wood. What a work of art huh?Anywho, I placed it atop of some black velvet and since there is no glass to this old frame, and I wanted to keep the dust off of it, I purchased some heavy plastic and just layed it over the top and glued it to the back of the frame.

Not knowing the history behind it at all, I am pretty confident that the person who made this has passed onto his/her great rewards. Why else would they part with it? I could tell that it had been hanging on a wall for ages.... I just bet that someone didn't see, didn't "feel" the immense love of God that this piece brought the artist who made this. Well.... I'm lucky that I found it.

This show & tell is hosted by Kelli.


  1. I just emailed you.. I kept thinking I hadnt heard from you. but I think I have. have you connected with your partner? I dont think I've heard from her.
    hows your doll coming? cant wait to see!!
    have a great night!
    hey, question.. you did the snowman swap right? did you ever recieve something from your partner? there were a couple girls that didnt.. and I'm trying to track them down!

  2. You are really blessed to have found this treasure. It's amazing that it's carved out to wood. You did a wonderful job reframing it...

  3. You really did a great job of refreshing this special find. It looks really lovely.

  4. Gosh, you hit the jackpot big time! I can't imagine anyone would part with it....unless as you said they've gone on.....

    I so enjoy 'those boutiques'....Betty

  5. You did a wonderful job of saving this keepsake. At first I thought it was embroidery.

    Kathy b

  6. Needless to say, you are very creative. You were able to make something very beautiful from something very nice. Very lovely.

  7. What a find indeed. Im sure your painting it white and placing in on the black really inhanced it's beauty. Wish you'd have told us what you had to pay for it :o)

  8. I enjoyed your write about your fantastic bargain. Laughed when I read what your friend said about getting sprayed white if one sits at your house long enough.
    Your work is nice and the piece is not something one would find at the department store for sure!

  9. OMGoodness....that is so unusual....and SO PRETTY!!!!

    Mine is posted this week, it's a Valentine Wreath that I made this week.

    Hope you can drop by sometime.

  10. Oh my gosh! THAT is trult beautiful! I love how you have displayed it! At first I thought it was that Schirrenscnitt (Or however you spell it). Someone spent a lot of time on this and it's good that it found its home with someone who can appreciate it!

  11. What a neat find. You did a great job on it.

  12. That is GORGEOUS! My daughter's name is Mary-Grace and we get some comments on how it reminds people of "Mary full of Grace". :o) Just gorgeous.

  13. I can't believe someone would part with that! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.


  14. That is a treasure! I thought it was crochet, which would also be a hard job, but it's thin wood?? Wow, what a work of art! You did a great job on it too.


  15. That's indeed amazing what you discovered there ! Sometimes very good deals can be made on flea markets !
    BTW I have a cat collection of about 400 cats and 5 real once. You can't say I don't like cats !

  16. Cheryl--You found an absolute beautiful treasure!


  17. Its very cool stuff and thats a good price too. Thanks for sharing. Mine is up..

  18. Intriguing find! I keep wondering about who made it. You are so clever to be able to improve it. (I am sure there is more to it than just the white spray paint, though, lol)

    thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

  19. Wow! That is beautiful! I love how you renewed the piece. Can't believe it's wood. So cool!

  20. Absolutely beautiful1 I think you made the right decision on the white paint! But, if I'm ever happen to near you I will remember to keep moving!:-)

  21. Wow that is some beautiful wood work. What a great find! Have a great weekend!

  22. That is amazing! All the hard work that went into it...simply amazing! It is really pretty, I can see why you grabbed it!

    Hugs, Sharon

  23. Cheryl, how old do you think this carving is? And none of it is broken... that's a miracle! Thanks for sharing and for visiting me! :)

  24. That is so beautiful, you are right, it is very lacey! Just amazing that it is carved from wood! Great find!

  25. This is unreal for $3.00!
    You do well finding great bargains.
    Happy Valentines Day!


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