4 x 4 Friday

This weeks theme is: Alice in Wonderland~This is the "Mad Hatter's tea party"
The story of Alice in Wonderland is one I've never read from cover to cover as the first bit of nonsense I started to read put me right off. lol.... yep, I'm difficult~ Anywho, since the story is "odd" I figured anything goes. The teeth represent the Cheshire cat :-P

I painted the background with an old bristled brush and then rubbed some of it off.... then I used some blue iridescent paint over the top of that which I kept brushing until almost dry then I took the pointy end of a paint brush and scraped circles in the paint. Then I dry brushed some black over all of that before adding the twigs, tea cup/saucer & moss to this piece. This 4 x 4 is built up on a foam core board which I cut into so I could slip the plate into the background.


  1. I am also an artist at heart but have very little time to do it. I like to paint and would love to create artwork with old photos, so it is really fun for me to see your work. I so enjoyed reading your last five posts (all the posts you have done since last I visited!), and I just love how you describe how you make things! The two pieces of art with photos -- the class behind glass and the box, awesome!! Actually, I like everything, except I'm not sure about the teeth! LOL! That might be a bit over the top for my taste! Still, it's interesting none the less. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  2. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my Show and Tell yesterday. Please come back any time!

    I am in awe of people who are artistic - I have not one artistic bone in my body!

  3. I never read Alice In Wonderland, either. A while back, I was looking for some inspiration for a tea party, so I rented the DVD and it put me right to sleep. Call me dumb, I guess, but I didn't get why it's supposed to be so wonderful.
    But I love your 4 x 4! I love anything with teacups or having to do with tea parties.
    And that Pirate Party you're planning sounds like it's going to be a gigantic hit. I know when the day comes you'll take lots and lots of pics and let us all share the fun! :)

  4. This is so fabulous!!!
    I just found your blog but will be back for sure! Love all your works.

  5. Wow! I have just stopped by from a comment you left on my show and tell. Wow again! You are a very talented and crafty person. I am enjoying looking at all of your previous posts.

  6. Hi again Cheryl! great artwork! the teeth crack me up.. but I get it!
    hey, i'm sorry to keep bugging you.. but your partner has your doll done and we're trying to figure out if your following through with the doll swap or not. please email me today when you get a chance I hope your still in.. talk to you soon!

  7. This is charming! I love your composition. Beautiful and makes me wish for spring. We expect more snow tomorrow.

  8. How fun, Cheryl! I've never read the book either, the movie is silly enough for me. ;0)

  9. Such a fantastic interpretation. Love your 4x4.

  10. What a fun 4x4. Love your sense of humor.


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