Newest Swap~

Well I joined another swap~ This one is called "I love Paris in the Spring"
Here is a little tid-bit about the swap I've joined....
Description: You will send your partner a swap package including one handmade item, one thrifted item, one sweet treat and one craft supply. Feel free to send more but not less! Anything goes as long as it sticks to the following rules:Colors: Pale blue/teal/aqua, white and black
Theme: Must include at least one item that is French-inspired. Examples, something must say France or Paris, or include an Eiffel tower or the fleur de lis. Be creative!
Sounds like fun~
Well I've been busy working on a large pirate ship in my backyard :-) It is slow going... I really like to be able to complete things in a day lol. I've also been working on flags, table cloths and the like....all for my grandson's first birthday. We have decided that the BIG party will be held in June. This way Grandma (me) doesn't lose her marbles trying to get everything done in time... a couple of more months should work out nicely if I get my butt off the computer and back to work lol


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you for the tip about useing chap stick for sore noses!
    I will try that for sure!

    I love your type writer.... too cute!

    Have a great day,

  2. Oh, I hope you will show what you are going to send. This is such a sweet idea! Hoping all is well with you.

    Cookie Sunshine

  3. Hey, Cheryl!
    Can't wait to swap you!!
    Here's my e-mail...
    :), Heidi


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