Theme Thursday

For the life of me, I cannot make anything flat lol... oh well. This weeks theme is: ParisI created a teeny-tiny mini shadow box of sorts.... Instead of going around the egde with solder...I tried using embossing ink & powder. It worked out pretty good, it does give it the look of being soldered. I used french text with the words "A Cake" glued to the inside of the glass~


  1. I just read your rpofile as I haven't been here before and I think we're kindred spirits!! I love your faux-soldered mini shadowbox!

  2. Your lovely teeny tiny box makes me hungry! Love your silver embossed 'soldering' effect = looks super, very nice!

  3. i love your lil' box and i loved that you used the french word/phrase for a cake. Very cool!

  4. Wow its a stunning piece. Great and sweet.

  5. Hi Cheryl: I received your e-mail. I did e-mail you twice before with the address. So, I just sent it again. Hopefully, this time it goes through. Please let me know that you got my address. Thanks for chasing me down again. -- Michele

  6. I love your artwork! It shows how creative, clever and talented you are!


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