Nursery Horse~

I am in the process of spring cleaning & redecorating at my house. I painted my grandson's nursery (the one at my house) and I am putting in some new things to make it cheerful & fun. Here is a little vintage horse that I reupholstered today. I bought the horse at a yard sale about 6 months ago for only $2 bucks.
Here is the horse without its fabric. The piece was very well made. It has a wooden head and structure and is very sturdy...except for the tiny wheels that stick and makes it topple sometimes lol.
I used an old chenille bedspread that I picked up for $4 bucks at a resale store. I used white textured yarn for the mane and tail. I wrapped the yarn around a form (a piece of cardboard) and ran some glue down one edge and then laid a strip of fabric along that edge on top of the glue. Once the glue had dried I pulled the yarn off of the form (cardboard) and then I was able to sandwhich the yarn between the fabric pieces and just stitched it together. Here is the horse completed standing in front of the changing table (I also recently made a curtain for the changing table to hide all the clutter) I think it turned out cute :-)


  1. wow! I love what you did with that horse! I would have never thought of doing that! Great idea and great job!

  2. Your horse is wonderful! I am so impressed with the thrifty way you put things together and end up with such great results. thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I adore that horse now! You did a fantastic job! It's so cute!!!!!



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