Been paintin'...

my new clock~ this beaut cost me all of $10 bucks. I purchased it from one of my many haunts~ I am eventually going to shabby it up a bit-- but for now I'm enjoying the clean look of it. When I bought it, it was a dark brown color. Three coats of white paint later I have a nice looking clock. I have it hanging up on the side of my brick fireplace next to my computer.... I replaced a small mirror I had hanging there. Looks all formal.... until you look down~
I've got my vintage little shelf unit housing my grandson's ever growing book collection next to an adorable pink rocking chair I snagged for $6 bucks (if I remember correctly!) That huge brown thing is my soon to be painted WHITE computer desk with my lovely new metal lamp ($7 buck steal) which was at the time I bought it, silver. Sooooo thats what I've been up to--- goofing around!!

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