Sweet angels~

Here is a pair of angels that I got for $1 dollar at a yard sale.... they were gold in color without any "embellishements" when I bought them :-P They were beautiful when I got them.... now they are beautiful & silly :-) I painted the pair white and added a nutmeg wash over the pieces to bring out some of the details. I then covered the plastic fabric swag-- with real fabric that matches the fabric used in the nursery. I then added party hats for some whimsical fun and taaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaa something fun for the room! I have them hanging above my grandson's crib in the nursery at my house. I am eventually going to create a swag with the words "sweet dreams" that the pair will be holding. But you know how it goes...never enough time to complete anything!


  1. What cute angels !! REally everything can be altered and you do it again !!!

  2. Your redoing the cherubs is really cute. I love to see on your blog where you've been shopping again and gotten some fantastic bargain for $4 or such. You are quite a bargainer.


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