Whats this?

Awhile back when I had puchased some flowering pony packs....there was one plant growing in amongst the flowers that was a "stow-away" it was healthy and thriving so I planted it-- what the heck~Well, it turns out it was a zucchini plant and upon checking on it (for the first time since I planted it) it already has 4 huge zucchini on it LOL I am going to shred the zucchini and make some pineapple-zucchini bread!Here are some peaches on one of two peach trees that are destined for pies! They smell so good standing underneath this tree taking this photo :-)Lastly, my tomatoes. I purchased some retaining blocks and stacked them 3 high into a small circle which I then filled with dirt to hold my tomatoe plants. I have this sitting on cement-- and it seems to be working just fine~
I had purchased for $5 bucks a huge home-made (welded) tomatoe cage that stands about 7 feet tall. Wow is all I can say. No whimpy tomatoe cages for me!! I have a cherry tomatoe plant planted along side with a beef steak tomatoe plant.


  1. What a lovely garden! I love your creativity - happy zucchini bread!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your garden. Don't we all need an oasis?



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