Saturday treasure hunt~

Well, I did it again. Came home with a car/trunk full of treasures~ I was very lucky to pick up this adjustable Acme dress form from 1930-1940's for the whopping sum of $10 bucks. *insert huge grin here* The form has some slight rips on the fabric-- a perfect excuse to recover the form with something a little brighter. I might also add some lightweight batting to the whole thing so I can pin things to it. It is like a hard cardboard form covered with a loose knit right now~ I may cover the entire thing with some heavy muslin and then make a tight fitting cover for the complete form using a super pretty fabric. I'll probably add either a zipper or just velcro in the back on the "one piece" cover....when I get around to these "big plans." lol

I also got some vintage children's play dishes :-) for a couple of bucks~A box full of junk....which I salvaged these clock faces & parts from. The box was $3 bucks~ Here is a close up~This lot of jewelry was only $3 bucks. Most of it I'm going to wear! Loads of abalone pieces... I got a lot of other bits & pieces as well: a milk glass cream & sugar set, 2 large matching clear glass ginger jars with lids--(love that matchy-matchy!!) I also had given my phone number to a gal who has buttons for sale....gasp! Every time the phone rings I runnnnnnnnn to answer it lol :-) FUN DAY INDEED!


  1. Oh Cheryl~

    I am So Jealous.... Of All of It !
    Great Haul Lady


  2. Wow...Great finds, love it all!! I have an old dress form, that I got from my grandma and I still haven't found out what to do with it. I have plans on making a post about to get suggestions :)


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