Sewing form~

Well.... it took me two days but I finally finished recovering the sewing form that I picked up last weekend for $10 bucks. I had thought at first I would cover the whole thing with something light in color.... but instead I used some tapestry fabric that I had on hand. It is black with little rose clusters all over it. The photo doesn't show the detail in the form-- but it is one of those "exploding" forms. One that you can pull apart to make larger. Thats why it took so long to cover, I had to cover each section individually....after pulling off all the old fabric of course. My finger tips are very sore right now with all the hot glue mishaps and the pulling off of bits & pieces of stuck on fabric! I'm just thrilled to have accomplished something-- heck, anything! I've been steadily working on the baby crocheted sweater-- eh gawds, I am so not good at crocheting clothing.... I'm not giving up-- YET but it is very slow going~


  1. Great job on the Dress Form.... I am not sure if I would even attempt doing something like that ~
    It really is Beautiful.....

  2. Wow, very impressive! Thanks for the hint on lining the basket! I don't know why I didn't think to fit it over the OUTSIDE of the basket! I may have to try that one day! Thanks!

  3. I read what you wrote on (Cindy- My Romantic Home)and I'm going to try it your way, it sound good to me. Beautiful job on the dress form, you sure are talented.
    Have a Bless Day, Virginia

  4. how do you find those dress forms? What kinds of sales? I never have seen any for sale...hmmmm... I love what you've done with them.
    I will have to try that peach pie too. It sounds delicious!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Also thank you for the method on making the lining for basket. I will definately keep that in mind too.


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