Designing for your life....

Kari & Kijsa are hosting a lookie-lou into other peoples houses....
I would say my "style" of decorating is eclectic shabby-chic/second hand COMFORT :-) I live in total laugh because "Comfort" is my last name.
Anywho, these photos represent the area of my house that I like the most. It is just a corner of my living room..... literally, I've got everything in a triangle (in the corner) It is a very comfy space right next to the fireplace~ My favorite "piece" is the two tiered wooden steps next to this (above) chair. I am using it as a table right now~
Here are some more photos of the same room...the living room/dining room. I've shared these before :-P The photos below have a "magnifier" if you run your mouse over the pictures...kinda neat~


  1. Lovely! I really enjoyed looking around your beautiful home. It's fresh and bright and oh so welcoming.

  2. I have loved my lookey loo- and I am all about comfort too!

  3. Warm, comfy, and cozy...and I love your photo show with the magnifier.


  4. What a beautiful space!! we love the coziness of it all, and your creativity (like the fabulous chandelier above!!!) So comfortable, yet filled with style and personality!!

    kari & kijsa

  5. you home looks very comfy and cozy!!
    that magnifier thing is cool!


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