Arrrrrrgh a pirate album...

Well, I finished the pirate photo album...I think it turned out rather nicely :-) This album is going to hold only one photo per year from my grandson's yearly pirate party. I think it will be a wonderful keepsake to see the changes in him from year to year :-)I covered the book itself with faux leather fabric as the base to build upon. I then used some velvet with a stamped pattern to give it an old world feel (I think it is vintage velvet fabric, but I'm not sure) I then attached a wire & bead belt from India that I cut down and wrapped around the front & back of the album which closes with velcro--- (I know, its suppossed to be "old world" but hey, those stupid little snaps where not so easy to sew on so I opted to use velcro :-P) Then.... I created a small banner with my grandson's name on it sewn in gold metallic thread and glued some rhinestones on each letter. Then I stitched it all together and taaaaaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaaaaa instant cute photo album!!! I also painted a small treasure chest that once was painted black with the word "Raiders" on it.... gasp-- now its how it should be.... all piratey! It holds some coins from other countries :-)

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