I was thinking.....Why is it that I don't seem to get anything accomplished? Answer: I shop to much! Now, you would think that wouldn't be a "problem" and its is the time it takes to find a place to put everything that is the problem!!! Here is some of my recent finds:
A container of buttons-- .10cents3 large bags of lavendar--.25centsall of this for $1 dollarSilver glittered stars-- .10cents eachThis baby doll-- $1 dollar This huge lot of yarn--$2 bucks. (works out to .6cents per skein)This is just the stuff I'm sharing.... I've got tons more already put away! I shop sooooooooo much, that I don't buy everything that I see-- man-oh-man you'd be shocked at the stuff I pass up lol


  1. Get outta town! Wow, you can sure find the FINDS for the best prices!!!

    The doll's eyes are so sweet!!!

  2. I shop at thrifts and consignments often..and love good deals...but we NEVER see prices like that on the East Coast. ;) Good job! I enjoyed seeing your bargains.


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