Mixed Media Monday~

This week's theme is: Things that go bump in the night....
I've made these little treat cups-- when I completed them they didn't have witches in front of them... The little stinkers "hide" there to fool everyone!they just stand in front of them as if to appear to be part of the "design"...Just look at the "who me?" look on that little witch! Those random noises you hear are probably those little stinkers up to no good!
Of course, anything in my house that goes "bump in the night" is most likely the result of one of my cats running amuck~ Even a crocheted kitty gets into mischief in my house!!
You can see more here :-)


  1. Love your Halloween cups and the expressions on the faces of the little "terrors". I think I especially love your innocent looking knitted mouse sitting in a jar of buttons. Great stuff.

  2. Wonderful Halloween cups and I love the little crocheted kitty as well! Diane

  3. Hi Cheryl....I love these and your mouse is so so cute!!!

  4. What wonderful Halloween works of art! That little knitted mouse is just the cutest! My cats are all making things go bump in the night too! SMILE!

  5. Fabulous, aren't they cheeky those little Halloween pranksters, hiding and re-appearing like they do!

  6. All your little Gremlins are adorable.

  7. These halloween bags are great and I love your images and how you have altered them. Pascale :)


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