Glittery life~

I've been feverishly working on organizing and decluttering my studio-- in part because it was sorely needing to be done and also because Sarah at "The Thrifty Chick" is hosting a "Declutter & organize" party on January 12th. So you would think with that deadline looming over my head (I work best under pressure) that I would be working hard on my studio clean-up... it is such an unorganized mess......things everywhere.....but noooooooooo...
I've been shopping. *woot-woot* Everything I've come across has been 75% off! Practically free! Look at all the Martha Stewart glitter I picked up for $2.20 each, the regular price was $8.97 each!!!!
I know, thats probably more glitter than I'll use in my lifetime..so I had better put glitter on EVERYTHING from now on! I got some killer Christmas ornaments for next year...Disney car stuff for my grandson, girlie things for my grandaughter (yet to be born) and finally.... ornaments from the movie "The Christmas Story" I just LOVE that movie :-) even a matching tree skirt! Heavens to Betsy! What a fun shopping day!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great. You have a great studio!

Steph said...

Wow, what a score on all that glitter. I'm trying to get myself in gear to organize too. It's so much more fun adding to the mess though.

B said...

You have more stuff than me, and I thought I had more stuff packed in my shed and my office than anybody on earth! lol
I'm so sorry about your kitty not coming home. Maybe he's jumping over the rainbows with my Baby. She's been gone for 17 months now, and I still look for her every day, too. :(
Thanks for the tip on the rubber stamping. I may actually have a snowflake stamp around here someplace, but since everything is a disorganized mess right now, I found it easier to just go out and buy new supplies.
Hope you have a happy organizing week, and be sure to tune in to B'z Place for the daily sagas going on over here.

Summer Gypsy said...

It must be contagious. I have spent a little time over the holidays trying to straighten my art stuff. I have a long way to go though. You have the neatest stash of glitter.