Little rusty wagon~

Alrighty...here is my little rusty wagon's before....And here it is after~It will evolve as I come across more things to place in the wagon. I am not loving the bird cage-- so it might have to be moved. I need to add more of the dark green moss and some more rocks, feathers and other fun things. Like everything else, it is a work in progress! It seems every other year I use it as a planter.... this year its all about filling it with garden things~
Here is something I made for the center of my porch table.... I would like a beautiful plate to place this on, but for now I am using a woven plate to keep the moss off of the tablecloth. All of the things were from different thrift stores bought at different times...the nest, flowers, the eggs even the cloche. It isn't as grand as I thought it would be...so I'm on the lookout for something cuter as the tables center piece :-)

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vivian said...

love the wagon full of goodies! I'm going to keep that in mind myself.. such a good idea. and I think your little center piece is perfect!