I've collaborated with one of the many mourning doves in my yard with building a nest. I could see this young couples concerns with building a nest...being young newlyweds and all.... sometimes you just need to have the experience of someone older and wiser to go to for help. They were sweet and didn't boldly come out and ask for help.... They tried on their own...picking up sticks and bits of dried grass while I was out in the yard planting & pruning. The couple had picked a nice location... in a wreath that I had hung, rather haphazardly, from my front yard gazebo. I saw the momma-to-be sitting on a pile of sticks in the center of the wreath looking very proud of their accomplishment of their new nest. Thats when the "momma" in me took over. Once the sweet couple went off on an errand....I pulled down the wreath with a gentle pull-- a strong wind would have done the same! I pulled out the few sticks and in its place I wired in a store bought nest with high sides. I then used stronger wire to attach the wreath more securely to the gazebo so it wouldn't sway in the wind. Once the wreath with the nest was in place back on the gazebo, I placed the few sticks the dove's had previously gathered inside the new nest. Here is the wreath with a portion of the nest showing.....I placed a wicker basket on the backside of the wreath to help shield the birds from the heat of the sun. I was going to use a flat woven basket, but I figured the depth of this basket would allow the birds to turn easily when they were sitting in the nest. Here is the basket on the flip side of the wreath-- not to pretty, but well worth it~
Not a moment to soon.... a new life is on its way~A closer look.... isn't the egg beautiful~


Laurie said...

Oh, this has happened to me (nest in my wreath) but I haven't had the nerve to help out for fear of driving the birds away. I'm so glad to know it doesn't bother them! You are going to be so proud of those baby birds when they come!

Glenda said...

What a wonderful Grandmother your are to the birds. I love new life.