Pirate season...

It is pirate season around here, I am working non-stop on all things "pirate" for the upcoming 2nd annual pirate party~ okokok--- I am including all the yard work I've been doing in preparation of the big 3 day event :-) I have been working on a few things "artsy" I found this fabulous teddy bear in a catalog that I LOVE...but the price of $299.95 made me chuckle. I mean come on.... for that price I had better be able to drive it around the block. Anywho, I am recreating a teddy bear to look just like this one pictured above.... I am also working on a pirate chest that is getting a makeover. I would like to post some photos off of my camera but my wonderful virus detecting thingie on my computer keeps taking the camera downloading program off of my computer lol

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vivian said...

that is a sweet bear, but I agree.. not 300.00 sweet! I dont think its the bear that is so precious.. its the dress! cant wait ot see your version! I'm working on a miniture bear and may have to make it a little dress like that!
have a great day!