Show & Tell~

I've redone my mailbox flap that is in my kitchen..... I am lucky to have my mail put into my house and not in one of those community mail boxes that are popular in newer developments. (something to be said about living in an old established neighborhood) So this thing-- being 40 odd years old was once a shiny brass mail box cover. Over the years it turned into a pitted/rusted embarrassment-- which I painted & repainted over the years...Soooooooo this last time.... I painted it with some rust prevention paint and then had some fun with my joint compound :-) I used one of those thin stencils for scrapbooking, I centered it and taped it into place~Then I spread a layer of the joint compound over the cut out area I wanted to appear on my mailbox door. I would say it was about 2/16" thick~Once the compound had set up for a few minutes, I just peeled off the tape and carefully lifted the stencil up and off revealing the design~Here it is painted.... I distressed it using some brown paint. I am not sure I am going to keep it like this due to the fact that the tile this is going to be set into is stark white and this might just end up looking "dirty".....so its going to sit up against the tile for awhile until I decide :-)
You can find more show & tells over at Kelli's blog.


stevendeah said...

Gorgeous! Love it! TFS =) Even added some beauty to the mailperson's day! =) hehe
And your grandkids are adorably sweet, BTW...just saw those Easter pics you put up. =) aaawww..

Barb said...

This is great!!
It looks easy, is it??
Don't you have to be really careful pulling the stencil off so the plaster does not break off?

I may try this since i have all the materials already.

thanks for sharing. It turned out so nice.

Barbara Jean

Julie said...

What a precious idea...I may have to try that technique on a couple of project I have been doing. Have a wonderful weekend..julie

Raggedy Girl said...

That is really clever and I like the brown accents.

Jean said...

I love the look of your mail slot. The idea of using joint compound is super. I'll have to find something to try this on. I also love your little pink cabinet redo! Jean

Pam said...

That is lovely. My diy craft projects never turn out quite the way I want them too.
The crocheted poncho for your granddaughter is beautiful. I think it should win a prize.
Your grandchildren are adorable too!

Leann said...

Ohhh I llloooovvveeee it! You've got one creative mind!