Another party....

Andrea over at Vintage Bella Studio is hosting a "Show us your Crown" linky party being held on June 10th. I am going to be making a crown out of chicken wire. I've seen a couple of these and I've always wanted one.... so whats a girl to do but make herself one. I started with some chicken wire that I found dumped along side the railroad tracks. I didn't notice it until today-- but this wire is smaller than normal chicken wire! How cool! I started with an existing pattern that I have for making paper top hats. I marked on the chicken wire using masking tape following the pattern that I chose. Then I just cut it out using some wire cutters-- easy peasy. Here it is all cut out.... Here it is rolled around in a hat shape. Now, this is how it would sit if I was going to turn this into a top hat-- I love how it fits sooooooo I'm not sure I'm going to make it a straight band around my head or a curvy band. I guess it will just work its way into what it is suppossed to be~
Anywhooooooo~ I am such a party girl.... I hope you party girls show off your crowns as well. You can show off handmade crowns as well as store bought crowns! :-)


vivian said...

I went and signed up too! I have a couple I can show, but I think I'll make another one!
have a great week!

Laurie said...

How fun is that? I think I need a crown, too!