Monkey wrench....

When you least expect it...someone tosses a monkey wrench into the mix~ *sigh*....in this case, it was a huge retaining stone that was thrown into our duel pane window on the side of our house. (my house is on a corner lot) We get random bad things like this happening in our neighborhood every so often, I guess it was our turn....
The upside? We are going to fence most of the side yard now so that window is no longer such an easy target...so now I get to create another beautiful garden area! Which is going to work out just perfectly to house the huge plastic play cottage I had bought this past weekend for only $50 :-) Seriously, there is blessings in everything if you just look at things differently~ With that said...I'll be out in the yard knee deep in digging up lawn and building a cement block retaining wall-- then finally building the fence along the top of that. Whew~ To all those wonderful ladies who "follow" my blog-- I appreciate you, and I will be back eventually with some new things to blog about that will keep your interest? lol


NicNacManiac said...

Your spirit comes through in your post. Oh to have such a positive attitude, you are really keeping your blood pressure at bay!!
Have a wonderful evening!!
Hgus, Nerina :)

vivian said...

well that would just tick me off, but youre right, there is a silver lining! have fun with your new garden space!
happy 4th of july!