I've got the feva'

I've been working feverishly in my backyard lately...well, it sure does feel like I've got a fever working in this 100+ degree temperature! I finally got the cement foundation poured in the area that I'm wanting to place the little tikes cottage that I picked up last month (at a yard sale).... now I've just got to let the cement set up. Ugh, I hate to wait. I've got to still clean up the mess from that....Then I get the fun task of placing all this object de'art in amongst the newly planted plants... that along with putting away all the tools....I've just got one more board to cut & screw in place on my deck, then build a small step into the garden area, lay some more brick along the curved walkway.... then...then... ehhhhhhh gawds, its never ending I tell ya!! Here is what this area looked like about 2 months ago. A lot of work went into this area so far.... I'll complain brag about that in another blog post when I'm all finished with it! I am nearing completion though so thats exciting!I have also been working on my Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. I embroidered the faces on each one...and I proclaimed in embroidery "I love you Chloe xox Nana" on Ann's chest and "I love you Jonathan xox Nana" on the chest of Andy. Who knew making dolls was soooooo time consuming? Here is armless Ann.... Andy is in pieces laughing....literally, as he isn't stitched together yet! I know, its a stretch to see a Raggedy Ann in this doll....so squint your eyes...maybe you'll see the resemblance?


~~Carol~~ said...

You're my hero! I would LOVE to try pouring cement! My little front walk is a crumbly mess, and I would really like to try doing it myself. It's just too expensive to hire a professional. It's only about 6' x 3'. Maybe I'll give it a try some time!

vivian said...

You never cease to amaze me.. all that yard work on your own??? I have so much I want to do and I dont like to do that kind of work! the rag doll is gorgeous! I can already tell that she will be wonderful!