Little birthday pixie~

I picked up this woven birds nest candle holder (that is attached to a metal branch) recently-- knowing full well what I was going to do with it immediately!
We are attending a 70th birthday party.... and sooooooo I made the birthday boy into a darling little pixie. A little spray paint and flowers added to the nest, the black & white image hand tinted...wings & party hat and some nesting materials....taaaaaaa daaaaaaaa~ caute!
Here is a close up of the little birthday boy in all his finery. He has butterfly wings made out of real feathers and a paper party hat made out pages from a 70 year old book. Doesn't the baby have that "give me a cupcake" glazed look in his eyes~

Speaking of cupcakes... I am making this very image into cupcake pokes, I am hopeful I'll be able to share those soon.


Chrisy said...

What a perfect birthday gift...he'll love it!

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh he's precious! What a wonderful gift for a 70 year old!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get something like
that for my birthday!

You did a great job!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Clever gift! I'm sure he loved it!