Banner day~

Well I have finally finished the banner for over my grandkids baby crib in the nursery at my house for when they need a nap whenever I babysit them. It reads...I used some shaggy yarn that is so popular-- yet soooooooo hard to crochet with (at least for me) One of my girlfriends uses this yarn all the time but combines it with regular yarn, so I did the same with fabulous results! I crocheted a long chain and hung the banner from that, with some of the stringy/shaggy yarn hanging between each pennant. Love-love-love how it looks! Here is a close up of one of two fabric flowers I made. I had originally made 10 flowers for the banner but decided they were to big to use all 10.Here is a long view of the banner... I really like it, it looks like a celebration! Ehhhhhhh gawds... Look at the mess I've made! I pulled out some presents from ONE of my many-many gift closets that I'm needing to start wrapping up for Christmas. I'm slightly overwhelmed~ 'cause this is just the tip of the ice berg. It seems I've already bought 4 Barbie's for my 9 month old grandaughter :-P


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

The banner is darling! Excellent work, grandma!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a cute banner. The little ones will love looking at it as they lay in their bed

My name is PJ. said...

The banner is cute.
The baskets of loot, daunting.

There's an app for that?

There's a medication for that?

There's got to be something for that!

~~Carol~~ said...

Without a doubt, the prettiest banner I've ever seen! Grandma put alot of love into it!

Do Be Do Bead Do said...

Cheryl, you are a wonder!


P.S. what did you think of your little giftee?

Lydia said...

What a fabulous banner!! What lucky grandkids:)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your kitties. I had 3 also, but one passed away in Aug- Miss him too much. Kind of suddenly. I think my kitties keep me uplifted and sane:)

Did you say that the top is crocheted? ...or that you used that special yarn? It is sooo very adorable!!! Very talented:)


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Too stinkin' cute!
Karla & Karrie