Canvas bags~

I have been wanting to start using my own shopping bags instead of using the plastic and paper ones given out at the stores. I wanted fabric canvas bags instead of those plastic covered fabric ones that advertise the stores name on them... Sooooooooo with that in mind, I purchased some canvas bags that I bought at a thrift store for .50cents each. I washed the bags first, then I used a linen dress that I picked up at the same thrift store for $1 as the "fabric" to cover the bags. I didn't bother to iron the fabric as these are going to be folded/rolled/crammed in my purse from now on.Here is a smaller bag that I recovered for my grandson, this one is going to stay in their van to hold the plastic folding toilet seat cover that he uses whenever they go out and about. Just keeping it real~It was soooooooo easy-peasy. I just turned each bag inside out and drew the outline of the bag shape onto the fabric I was using to cover the bags. I used the hemmed edge of the dress across the top of the bag. Essentially, I just made a pillowcase for the bag. I turned it right side out and dropped the bag into the "pillowcase" and then just stitched around the top of the bag. Thats it~
Now hows that for reusing, recycling and repurposing? I feel so green~ Of course, that could also be blamed on all the left overs I've eaten...


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Very cute! Great idea.

Elyse said...

great idea and so cute!

(hooray for leftovers!)