Last minute gift~

Well here it is Christmas eve... all is quiet... I figured I'd get some things finished up seeing how tomorrow is Christmas~ I have been wanting to make a holder for my grandaughters hair bows that I've been making her. I've made her a bag full of hair bows, which she will receive tomorrow, I figured this would tie in nicely with the bows.I've had this thrifted gold frame for about a year now-- it was tucked under my bed. I pulled out the flowered embroidery piece that was in it, I'll donate that back to the thrift store. I just hot glued the black grograin ribbon onto the back of the frame. Thats it. I think it turned out super caute! If my daughter likes it, I'm going to suggest I find one of those super big vintage type frames that are 4'x2' and do this in a larger scale. I have a funny feeling Miss Chloe Rose is going to have a large collection of hair bows!
Now, I'm off to find something else to work on... I'm soooooooooo bored~ I've started and ripped out 3 different crocheted blankets (so far) I can't find a pattern I like!

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