Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday...where does the week go? Here are three pieces of silver that I'm going to share~The silver champagne bucket I picked up this past summer for $2. I even have the base this stands upon so it can sit beside the table instead of on it. Both for $2 *grinning* The oval bowlie was $1, and the round bowlie that I've got sitting on a silver candle holder was a $1 as well. The mother of pearl buttons are just some of my collection, when I collect something I hoard COLLECT~
If your wanting to see more silver items go to The Gypsy Fish Journal and check out the beautiful photos of the other Silver Sunday Sistas.


philben5 said...

Your buttons make the silver pop! Great idea.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I love your champagne bucket and what a great deal! Wow, what an amazing collection of white buttons! You definitely beat me :-)!

purplepaint said...

Oh my gosh!!! You actually have more Mother of Pearl buttons than I do!!! :D