Ok, I'm bored. I'm still fluffing-moving-tweeking things around my house. I'm wanting to do something "artsy".... but I just can't wrap my brain around a project at this time...so I'm just going to fluff up my house a bit. Which is a good thing because once the weather gets nicer, I'm going to spend hours and hours outdoors! So I started off small... just redoing the top of a hutch I have in my den. Here is the before photo. Here is the after~ Nothing drastic, I kept everything the same, I just painted the baskets and replaced the greenery I had across the top of the hutch. I added some numbered tags that I made to the 4 baskets. I'm wanting to do something to the oval basket as well... I'm still thinking on that. I had a bit of white embroidered fabric hanging over the edge, but it looked weird. I just made this "love" banner this morning and tacked it up. Caute!


Barbara said...

Wow did that white paint ever change the look of your hutch! I like the new look.

jacque4u2c said...

What a perk the whit gave! It really POPS now!

Julie said...

Great work on the baskets and stuff on top of your hutch. Looks so springy

Pam said...

Gotta love a little paint.

Leann said...

Hey Cheryl

I love the new white look - very shabby chic!

Have fun!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Cheryl!
Okay now, while you still have that white paint out...come on over as I have MANY things for you to spruce up over here. Oh and bring that Ralph Lauren stain with you too...you are a PRO at it!!!
Seriously girl, all of your transformations are awesome!!! And inspiring too!!!!

everything vintage

Lisa said...

Oh I LOVE this! I often find myself wondering around my house, "cleaning" for lack of a better word when my creative juices just won't spark. I've been wanting to do a banner for quite some time. I adore the white - it really makes the baskets stand out (and those tags - adorable!).

I left a comment at your OWOH giveaway as well (and became a follower). I forgot to mention - your son is adorable. He looks like mine did when he was little!

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day tc
Thanks for popping over to My Place... your painting & fluffing is looking good... I think we call it 'feathering our nest'... but I know what you mean... a coat of paint & a change around of loved things gives our place the lift we are looking for...
Happy Valatines Day... OOroo... Bethel