I picked up these brand new- still in their bags Snoopy's recently. I think I paid around two bucks for all of them. I instantly new what I wanted to do with them.... turn them into pirates of course. I cut off the baseball hats and jerseys and the baseballs and mitts. I added an eye patch, the striped outfit and the gold coin and the "hook" I made using a small brass cup hook. Here is a close up~I also fixed up these three wooden candlesticks. Here they are after I aged them with some black paint....Then I used some Bedazzled thingies that I picked up at a yard sale. I just pushed them into the wood, easy-peasy. I think it adds a little sumthin'-sumthin' doesn't it? Lastly, these two handsome devils. I picked up each one for three dollars each about 5 months apart. Now they are happily dressed and ready to attend a pirate party!
Now, I must go work with something flowery or paint something white... I'm getting the shakes~ :-P


vivian said...

I want to come to your pirate party!

Laurie said...

Pirate time! Your creativity amazes me!