Rag quilt

Well, I've begun working on my first rag quilt. I cut out 5 inch squares of flannel fabric along with some shabby-chic fabrics that I have in my fabric stash.I've googled how to make a rag quilt... and it looks easy enough. So far its been easy. I started by laying out the back of the quilt squares, then the middle section then finally the design that I've come up with-- so far.Here is the top of the quilt with the 25 squares that I've got sewn together so far~
Here is the back. I was wanting it to look like a quilt on the back as well as the front, so I used two different colors of flannel on the backside. A solid light pink and a lime green and pink dotted flannel. It lined up beautifully~I'm not sure how each intersection of the 4 squares is going to look once I cut and fray the quilt. Will there be holes in those spots? If anyone knows, could you please share with me.... I'm thinking about sewing a mother of pearl buttons in those spots, and use enough floss to be able to tie a bow on the backside of the quilt giving it a tied look. I'm still in the planning stages~


mub said...

If they're stitched together correctly you won't have holes =) Just make sure not to clip into the stitching on the seams (because after like 900 hours of clipping it's easy to stop paying attention haha).

The intersections will be pretty bulky so I'm not sure that you'll want to add extra with the buttons.

Wendy said...

Oh i love it. It is great. I think it is going to be wonderful. I want to go and make one now.
Just Beautiful. Very Shabby.