My muse is on vacation... whats a girl to do while you wait for the little darling to come on back around? Why sort buttons of course. I've been sorting my buttons by color. Just when I start to see the bottom of the bin, I pour in some new buttons to sort. I've got a huge-HUGE container of buttons that I don't want. One of these days I'll open up an etsy store and sell them by the bag full... cheap.... Well, I had to do something besides sorting buttons, so I fired up my sewing machine and made some lace ruffles. I am altering some capri pants that never were capri length on me, more like my pants were hemmed to high! (the huge bolt of lace was a couple of bucks)So, I clipped the stitches and added a few inches and now they fit like pants. To hide the three seams, I covered them with the lace. I will add more lace in between the lace ruffles already sewn on, but I thought I'd wait for the muse to come home first. Its lonely working by yourself... *sigh*


Bella said...

Hi Cheryl... Clever idea. and they look soo cute:-)

Gaia said...

Darling idea!

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

You know, I have the same issue with capris - most are long enough on me to be high-waters!!! I'm either too short or under-tall! This is a great idea! And they look great! Of course, I think anything with lace is ideal! tee! hee!

Have a great day!