Have you seen those little tiny pictures next to blog links? Well, I don't know if you can see mine or not.... but I added a rose "Favicon" to my link. So easy to do..... wanna know how I did it? Good.... lets get started. Go to www.iconj.com and on the top right hand side you'll see a box that says "Free Favicon Hosting" Browse for a picture... I used one of a rose that I had saved previously from a free image source. Once I chose my image, I sharpened mine +2. Next you just click on the "upload now" button. Thats it. For blogspot blogs.... you have to use the second LINK they give you--- not the top link. Now comes the tricky part. Putting this link into your html code. Yikes right? Easy-peasy.
Here we go.... Click on "design" then click on "edit html" Approximately 10 lines down from the top, you'll find the word < head >You will want to paste your code underneath the word head. Hit enter to bring it down another line, then paste it one more time, BUT the second time deleat the word "shortcut" from the second link only. Now.... copy the entire code once again and search throughout your html code and find what looks like this, ]] > < / b : s kin > paste your html under that and before < / head >. Its way down towards the bottom of the page... This will allow your picture to show up in the search bar next to your blogs link. Thats it. You can preview this-- I did and didn't see a blasted thing. But, once I hit "save template" it appeared like magic. Although, now I see its gone again....lol... Possibly it has something to do with the internet at this time, but I'm hopeful it will be back soon!

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very merry vintage style said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment--can't believe you found two champagne coolers for $1 each--you are a lucky girl! Stop by and link up to this week's party.